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At V Factor Creative Services our dedicated marketing professionals will arrange a meeting to discuss your marketing objectives to ensure we fully understand your end goal and the correct route to take to ensure we market your products or services efficiently. After the initial meeting we will conduct a competitor market sector analysis to assist us with creating a SWOT (Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities, Threats ) report. Once we have defined your marketing campaign and agreed your main objectives and end goal we will start to promote your services or products to the targeted audience.

Marketing Plan Strategy

It’s essential that you create a marketing strategy plan due to them forming the fundamental foundation of any marketing plan. When creating the strategic marketing plan via insight we will also identify the customers you should be targeting along with the most cost effective ‘media channel’ to reach them. At V Factor Creative Services our sales and marketing professionals will also supply you with professional advice and knowledge on how to successfully win their business and ensure they are kept happy with your products or services.

The objectives set out in the marketing plan are also measured and monitored to ensure your marketing expenditure and conversions deliver positive results.

Effective Communication

The media channels we use is highly dependent on your service or product. At V Factor Creative Services our professional marketing team will analyse and identify the most direct communication methods.

We will then deliver your message via the most effective media channels to your target audience to grab their attention and encourage them to act.